Für mehr Farbe in der Küche

Wenn ihr mal wieder etwas Farbe in eure Küche bringen wollt, haben wir hier einen ganz einfachen Tipp für euch. Malt eure Küchenutensilien doch einfach an. Ganz nach euerm persönlichen Geschmack könnt ihr sie einfarbig, bunt, mit Muster oder kleinen Bildergeschichten anmalen. Eurer Fantasie sind da keine Grenzen gesetzt. Für die Deko-Aktion benötigt ihr:

Farbe (wasserfest)


Wenn ihr alles beisammen habt, kann es losgehen. Nun könnt ihr eure Küchenutensilien nach Herzenslust gestalten. Wir haben einen Teil des Stiels abgeklebt und ihn anschließend vollständig bemalt.


Nach dem Bemalen lasst die Farbe für einige Zeit gut trocknen. Und schon habt ihr wieder etwas mehr Farbe in eurer Küche :)


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  27. amekeerrulk

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  28. amekeerrulk

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  29. amekeerrulk

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    Find out supporting evidence. Reckoning on your assignment, you may need to have to operate only with your primary resources (the textual content or texts you’re analyzing) or with primary and secondary resources, these kinds of as other books or journal articles. The assignment should tell you what variations of resources are required. Nice evidence supports your claim and makes your argument added convincing. List out the supporting evidence, noting where you found it, and how it supports your claim. [5] [6]
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    ?’Good Water’ a series of well-written essays that fail to engage
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    Kevin Holdsworth has written rather eloquently about southern Utah, its people, its history and its geography in a very series of essays gathered inside a book called “Good Water,” but the collection ultimately fails to fully engage the reader.
    On the primary essay, Holdsworth describes establishing a basic, rustic honeymoon shed that sounds rather quaint but invites visits from the neighboring mice, spiders and snakes. Opening out this way, it appears to be as though the book could possibly go somewhere as a story, but it surely doesn’t. Instead, it wanders all over from subject to subject, as well as opposition to dams and fights over water rights. Several of these subjects are way more interesting to go through about than others.
    Holdsworth tends to meander as he warms to diatribes against the government and law enforcement when locals disregard the rules.
    He also shares his distress over his failed previous marriage and other musings from his personal life inside the midst of commenting on historical and political issues, mentioning locations throughout Utah, this includes Cache County also as Torrey and Hanksville in Wayne County, along the way. The result is truly a strange mix of words and waxings.
    He mentions his great-great-grandparents, who he says had been part belonging to the migration into the Salt Lake Valley but not among the primary so “therefore not among the Mormon royalty.” Other references to early members for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are sprinkled throughout, quite often favorably but mostly not.
    Admirers of Holdsworth’s previously published essays may enjoy this collection for a small leisurely reading, but for anyone seeking a coherent story or adventure, it is probably most useful to keep wanting.
    The book has some coarse slang references, which include at least a person that is definitely sexual in nature, and several makes use of on the F-word. There isn’t any violence.
    Holdsworth lives in southern Utah with his wife and son.
    What: Kevin Holdsworth book signing
    When: Friday, March four, 7 p.m.
    Where: The King’s English Bookshop, 1511 S. 1500 East, Salt Lake City
    Note: Places inside the signing line are reserved for those who purchase a copy belonging to the featured book from The King’s English.
    Sharon Haddock is known as a professional writer with over 35 years’ practical experience, 17 in the Deseret News. Her personal blog is at sharonhaddock.blogspot.com.
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